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our vision

Digital systems traditionally have been designed and implemented as static and untangled singular snapshots while in smart cities we deal with interconnected  entities that interoperate and have interdependency. To adopt more wise decision in public and private sector for  citizen-centred services,  In AItown, our concern is to develop Analytic cores and  digital systems as one narrative centered around people and in harmony with other interconnected entities of  smart cities with the aim to  re-align processes, technology, and business models to  improve their productivity and competitiveness through adopting wise data-driven decision.

Our mission

Aitown first has been founded to integrate Causal Inference in conventional Machine Learning algorithms to empower decision support systems with human level Intelligence, so-called HAI Core® . In Aitown we are determined to leverage our expertise in  engineering, software development  and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for research, ideation and development of disruptive integrated digital services and  AI-based decision support systems for enterprises to run their operation more smartly and smoothly within smart cities

our services

 To supplement our core business in Artificial Intelligence (AI), We combine our creativity and extensive expertise in software to web and app development to provide our customers with tailored end-to-end digital solutions from Ideation and design to implementation, test and commissioning .

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HAI-Core® Decision Support System

Today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is limited in understanding and inferring cities’ and peoples’ behaviors. AI needs to move beyond correlation-level relationships between data sets toward human-level perceptions and inference. We bring our expertise in causal inference and Machine learning to create a decision  support system based on Human-Level AI, HAI-Core®, to have a more realistic understanding and insight of trends for adopting wise decisions 

Analytics paradigm shift by HAI-CORE®

Companies need “prescriptive” machines that can tell them what to do in response to different circumstances. However, the classic AI, at its best, is a predictive machine that can tell what the likelihood of an event to happen is. The need for prescriptive analytics is even more for companies who deal with multi-network systems due to interdependencies in such complex systems.
The causal model behind HAI-Core® technology makes it a paradigm shift in AI from conventional predictive analytics to prescriptive stage. Prescriptive analytics leads the decision-makers towards active outcomes such as “what to do” than the typical passive outcomes like “what will happen.


Human-Level Intelligence
HAI-Core® innovative algorithm brings machine learning to the next level. Machine learning, at its best, reveals the similarities between datasets without understanding the cause-and-effect relationships behind systems.

The HAI-Core® is designed in to characterize the way various layers interoperate in a complex system through revealing  interdependencies among the layers 


HAI-Core® flexible architecture makes a capable data analytical tool for various network sizes from small to large scales. Its data-driven model preserves the characteristic patterns originated from fundamental physics laws behind systems.

HAI-Core®‘s architecture provides stimulus security in the pipeline from data acquisition to knowledge delivery with its embedded Blockchain technology.


HAI-Core® for City

HAI-Core® technology plays a crucial role in managing and optimizing city infrastructure, including electricity, transportation, water, environment, etc. HAI-Core® for City is a gateway for smart city implementation by bringing real smartness to the operation of city utilities. By understanding and characterizing interoperability among different layers of a city, HAI-Core® supports the operation and control of smart city functions.

HAI-Core® for Grid

HAI-Core®  technology supports electric grid operation and planning. It paves the ground for grid digitalization by merging traditional grid management systems and expert-based decision making with human-level artificial intelligence. Our distinctive technology is adaptive and user-friendly for electric grid operators and engineers.